Fox Proof Animal enclosure with waterproof roof 9ft x 6ft


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This run is made up of:

6 wire mesh panels

3 fully boarded panels

1 wire mesh door panel

3 black onduline waterproof roof panels

6ft wide x 9ft long x 6ft tall (before roof fitting ) approx.

Individual panels are approx 184cm x 94cm.

Galvanised Wire mesh 16g 1/2” x 1” holes.

16G wire is fox proof / dog proof and cat safe.

Our wood thickness 25mm x 38mm. All our wood is pressure treated and coated in an animal friendly stain.

Pens can be used for all animals Dogs / Cats / Chicken / Rabbits / Birds / Guinea pigs / puppies etc.

This pen is completely enclosed. Quality Guaranteed

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Weight91 kg
Dimensions274 × 180 × 180 cm