Sandringham with Run 12 to 16 hens


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The Sandringham is our Larger unit to the Windsor, it will accommodate 12 to 16 hens, it is perfect for free range and for the garden, it has many features to make life easy such as;

  • Removable side panel for easy cleaning out.
  • Ventilated ridge.
  • Large opening door.
  • Removable nest perches.
  • Treble nest box.
  • Heavy Duty
  • Guaranteed for 10 Years (against manufacturers defects)

Dimensions of house: 130cm x 130cm

Run size 240cm x 130cm approx, Large door at house end and small door for letting your hens out at the end of the run.

Note – these units are supplied with a strong wooden roof, below we have offered some advice on this type of roof (we can offer alternative roof types please ask for details)

The roof of this chicken coop is a wooden cladding designed to provide many years service. Its uses interlocking boards, and provides very high levels of management of red mites, (no where for them to hide easily).

The roof being wood, will come pressure treated, this means the wood can be damp and take some time to fully dry out especially during the winter, wood acts as a sponge, so will move, knots may need resealing during its life as the wood moves around and should form part of your maintenance.

We have been selling this type of roof on our chicken coops for many years, and the design has proved very successful. We hope you enjoy your product.

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